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"I just wanted to first start off by saying how wonderful this program that Mike started has been for my business.

My school has grown faster the past 4 months than the past couple of years.

The biggest reason is a website but most of all having the ideas, ads and articles always there to use. Thanks again Mike."

Jimmy J.
Cambridge Mixed Martial Arts


I bet you're thinking that's a paid testimonial...

It's not! In fact, all the testimonials on this page are unsolicited, and consist of spontaneous feedback we've received from our members.

Read on to find out more, or...

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"Thank you for so much great info. I've gotten so much use out of this membership site and I havent even opened my school yet! I also bought your book "Small Dojo Big Profits" and I feel much more prepared to open a school."

Sensei Chris Murphy


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"Thanks Mike. Signed up 3 more. On a roll. Gotta keep the momentum going. Your advice made a big difference. 4 calls off the website too."

Robby Bray
Ocala Karate and Fitness
Ocala, FL


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How's how the membership works:

  1. Site membership is just $97 (Click the order button to see our limited time reduced price for charter members only...)/month...
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"That Seems Like A Lot Of Money - Is It Really Worth It?"

It is absolutely worth it... especially for martial arts instructors who want professional coaching and advice that they can actually use.

And when you add up the value you receive and compare it to what you'll save, there's really no doubt that becoming a member is the right choice for your business.

Instead of wondering whether you can afford to be a member, what you should be asking yourself is whether you can afford to not be a member... Here's a cost-by-cost comparison of some of the services you'll receive and how much you'll actually save by becoming a member:

  • Personalized Business Coaching... a value of more than $500 a month! - A single one-on-one business coaching session with Mike will run you at least $125.00... however, as a member you can ask Mike about any question or concern that comes up as you launch your business, via our members-only Facebook group. Just by actively participating in our private member's group once a week over the course of your membership, you'll be saving yourself $500 a month in coaching fees.
  • Professionally Designed And Copywritten Marketing Materials... $300 plus! - Professional copywriters charge upwards of $100 per hour, while graphic designers of the caliber that we use charge even more. Just to have one ad professionally designed and written would cost you well over $300.00 - but you'll get a new ad campaign each and every month included with your membership.
  • Online Marketing Coaching Advice... $200.00 to $1,500.00 per month! - Even a run of the mill search engine marketing consultant will charge you $200 just to advise you on your marketing campaign... and a really good SEO will charge you upwards of $1,000.00 a month as a retainer fee. Yet you'll receive simple, easy-to-implement advice on how to market your school online, saving you thousands in consulting fees.
  • Learn How To Handle Your Own Billing... And Save Tens Or Even Hundreds of Thousands of Dollars! - Over the course of owning your school, you could spend upwards of $300,000.00 in billing fees ($10,000 a year or more over the course of thirty years). Yet, just by implementing one simple strategy out of the hundreds of tips in the member's area of this site, you can easily cut your billing expenses down to just a fraction of that cost... potentially saving you hundreds of thousands of dollars over the life of your school.
  • Peace Of Mind... Something You Can't Put Any Price On! - Ever agonize over a difficult business decision, only to make it and then spend weeks wondering if you made the right choice? One of the most common responses we get from our members is that the advice they receive helps them feel more confident in their business decisions. That sort of peace of mind is something you simply cannot put a price on... and it's something that every new school owner needs to have in order to survive those crucial first few years in business!

A Quick Word About The Cost Of A Missed Opportunity...

Besides all the money you'll save by becoming a member, you should also think about how much money that a successful martial arts school owner can make. Successful school owners who run even very modest facilities can potentially make salaries equivalent to doctors, lawyers, and engineers.

In business, there is a concept called "the opportunity cost" - how much it costs you to miss an opportunity. Right now, you may not realize how much money you'll potentially lose when you aren't coached on how to properly start, grow, and run a school.

Let’s look at some numbers to illustrate this… first, let’s estimate how much revenue a school with 150 active students could potentially generate:

  • 150 students x $150 per month tuition = $22,500 monthly gross tuition income
  • $4,000 per month additional income from special events, Pro Shop sales, private lessons, and testing fees
  • $2,000 per month in membership fees (initial membership payments)
  • $28,500 in gross revenue monthly (this is a rough figure, but a fair estimate)

Let’s see… $28,500 minus an estimated $11,500 in expenses comes to roughly $17,000 per month in profit, or just over $200,000 per year. That’s a comfortable income by any standard.

Of course, there's no guarantee that you'll be making exactly that much in your own school... you could make more, you could make less, or you could actually lose money. We're just being honest here - opening a martial art school is a big decision.

However, your chances of figuring out how to earn that much money on your own are slim to none - that's why you need step-by-step guidance and support from someone who knows how to start and grow successful schools with minimal financial risk.

Can you afford to miss out on that kind of money? Of course not - none of us can. That's why it makes perfect financial sense to invest in your business so you can see it grow.

"I have been lucky & have followed Mike's advice and its kept us growing each year."

Paul Halme
Peak Performance BJJ (2 locations!)
Ft. Worth, TX


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"Hello Mike, I thought that I would write to you and let you know that our (recent promotion) was a great success.

When I submitted the press release to our local newspaper, a reporter contacted me and interviewed me which turned into a full page article with pictures. I ended up getting 5 new students as a result, which is phenomenal for my school during the month of December.

Thank you! I will be doing this every holiday season from now on. "

Bill Craig
North Shore Martial Arts Center


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  • Unlimited downloads from our archive of business forms, worksheets, and fliers - the very same material Mike has developed and used in his own schools for years. You'll have a ton of resource material for your business, right at your fingertips...
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  • "Done-for-You" Monthly marketing plans that tell you exactly what you need to do this month to get 10 - 20 new students in your door this month...


"I love your material and plan on getting SDBP in the next week or so. I plan on opening my academy on or before September of this year, so all your information is amazing to work with and is working out great."

Jason Froelich
Martial Arts University


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  • Our members only Facebook group where you can trade ideas and get answers to your questions from our staff and other school owners... You'll never be at a loss again when you need an immediate answer to a pressing question about your business...
  • And monthly member's only Facebook discussion posts covering timely and relevant topics that will help your business grow and prosper!


"The last week of being a member has been extremely educational. Thank you so much for the advice. This is gold to someone like me who is absolutely new to all this."

Scott Ferreira
Full Instructor in Jeet Kune Do
San Jose, CA


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"I was really worried back when Mr. Ike hit, but with this new year I have found new motivation!

I started out last year coming from a YMCA. Opened up (I am in a office/warehouse type place) and hit 42 students fast... then summer and Ike and I went to 20...

But in Nov things started turning around. Mike was a big help... I started getting 2, 3 and more calls...

Now I am up to 32 but with tons of leads. I had 6 appointments last week, I already have 7 new appointments coming up and that is not including 3 old students who emailed and are ready to return!

I am pumped.. and ready to go all out... thanks Mike."

Terry Ham
Bujinkan Chosui Dojo
Pasadena, TX


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